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02 Aug NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming At 4K, Ultrawide & With RTX On 56 25050
Introduction, Game Testing At 4K & UltrawideNVIDIA’s third Ampere-based GeForce launched last week, and because it was much quicker for us to conjure up some creator-type results, we kicked off our coverage with a look at the RTX 3070 in rendering workloads (linked above). Since then, we’ve wrapped-up our gaming testing for NVIDIA’s latest offering..
02 Aug The Best All-In-One Laser Printers [December 2020] 1182 18084
Although many of us might have moved away from keeping printers in our home, 2020 has proven that the impossible can happen. If you find yourself working from home, PDFs may not be cutting it anymore. Whether you’re printing mail labels, documents, or working with creative arts, having a reliable printer that won’t distort colors can go a long way...
15 Sep How To Install MacOS / OSX On A Chromebook 2428 32299
The macOS is specific for Mac hardware so it’s not possible to install macOS as a replacement for the Chrome OS on your Chromebook. However, if you are technically inclined you can install macOS on a virtual machine.Once again, the world proves that where there’s a will, there is a way. And even if you’re interested in macOS, there’s no sense in wa..
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